Have a nice parade ….

2016 WF9 will approach Earth’s orbit on Feb. 25, 2017. At a distance of nearly 32 million miles (51 million kilometers) from Earth, this pass will not bring it particularly close. The trajectory of 2016 WF9 is well understood, and the object is not a threat to Earth for the foreseeable future.

AFTERBURNERGALACTICLAWZ1: 1st Overtime Superbowl….1st Queen on the Thone o…: News about #Sapp hireJubilee on Twitte r . @Gravy_Davey on #Periscope : 41 – Gun Salute by @KingsTroopRHA For #SapphireJubilee Acc…


Homework Done

via Historical Society


AFTERBURNERGALACTICLAWZ1: Parents^^^^^: Parents^^^^^


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